This Day in Walter O’Malley History:

  • In The Sporting News, Walter O’Malley responds to a question about the prescription for the Commissioner of Baseball who will succeed outgoing Commissioner Albert B. “Happy” Chandler (1945-51). O’Malley’s list for the new leader, “A judicial temperament, administrative ability, an awareness of public relations, and a firm belief baseball is the national sport and must be sustained as such.” Ford C. Frick became Baseball’s third Commissioner on September 20, 1951 and served until November, 1965. The Sporting News, March 21, 1951

  • Gladys Goodding, renowned organist at Ebbets Field, was given a Dodger organization ring by Dodger President Walter O’Malley for her 10 years of service to the club. She became the second 10-year “man” on the Brooklyn club, as only captain and shortstop Pee Wee Reese was in this exclusive category.

  • Jack Yount of Vinnell Constructors advises Walter O’Malley of their interest to be the major construction company for the building of Dodger Stadium. O’Malley responds to the hand-delivered letter the same day by writing Yount, “I strongly urge you to diligently proceed with your investigation and trust that you will come within (designer) Capt. (Emil) Praeger’s estimate which was approved by our directors February 17, 1960.”

  • The Cub Sports Car Club holds a slalom race in Lots 23 and 25 of Dodger Stadium.

  • Dorothy Buffum Chandler, for whom the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at The Music Center in Los Angeles is named, is honored by 2,200 members of the Beverly Hills B’nai B’rith at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Walter O’Malley serves on the distinguished Honorary Committee for the dinner.

  • Marvin Miller, Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, thanks Walter O’Malley for hospitality shown to him and MLBPA Counsel Dick Moss during a visit to Dodgertown. “We both enjoyed the evening and I appreciated the opportunity to talk with you,” writes Miller.

  • On the invitation of Bob Hope, Walter O’Malley serves on the Honorary Committee for a March of Dimes Man of the Year dinner honoring Jack Benny. Johnny Carson serves as the toastmaster and Frank Sinatra presents Benny to the audience at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Dr. Jonas Salk was present to represent the March of Dimes.