This Day in Walter O’Malley History:

  • The Borough of Brooklyn announces a dog show in association with the Brooklyn Kennel Club on October 23. Walter O’Malley serves on the committee of patrons to assist with the project.

  • On the topic of a dome stadium that Walter O’Malley is proposing to privately build for the Dodgers at the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues in Brooklyn, he responds to industrial designer and theatre architect Norman Bel Geddes’ letter: “Dear Norman: I will see you when I get back. It was nice to have your letter. Feel perfectly free to submit your idea to any other club. We are still far from doing anything definite. I know that Capt. (Emil) Praeger has had ideas about a covered stadium and he, Buckminster Fuller and I have had several conferences.”

  • In celebrating the 1955 World Championship, Walter O’Malley sends this note to Archbishop Patrick A. O’Boyle in Washington, D.C.: “Under separate cover we are mailing you a ball autographed by Brooklyn’s First World Championship team. It was nice to talk to Msgr. O’Reilly and Father Gallagher the other evening and I was delighted to know that you were on our team. Best regards.”

  • Dodger Executive Secretary Henry J. Walsh writes to Mr. R. Monta of Loew’s Incorporated regarding a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures production request: “Dear Mr. Monta: This will advise you that the Los Angeles Dodgers have no objection to your using a tape of the 12th inning of the Los Angeles Dodgers-Milwaukee Braves game played on September 29th, 1959 for use in your picture “Bells Are Ringing” in accordance with the terms in your letter of October 2nd. Mr. Jerry Doggett (Dodger broadcaster whose voice is heard doing play-by-play) has advised me that he has no objection.”

  • The first annual Southern California Golf Show begins its five-day run at Dodger Stadium. According to the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, “Every phase of the game will be completely covered — equipment, courses, clinics, instructions, movies, travel, practice area, fashion shows and numerous contests offering thousands of dollars worth of prizes. The show is of such high caliber it is highly endorsed by the SoCal Golf Association, the SoCal PGA and the SoCal Publinx Association...Among the activities is the world’s largest hole-in-one and accuracy contest with 16 tees for two 180-yard and two 140-yard holes.” Bob Tonge, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, September 21, 1965

  • Walter O’Malley writes a letter to his nephew Walter Walsh, a senior at St. Francis Prep. “I never did get around to telling you that I thought it was pretty great to be elected president of the Student Government at St. Francis Prep. Have a good senior year and be sure and let me know if there is any way in which I can be helpful. All the best.”

  • Don Sutton gets the win and Joe Ferguson supports him with a two-run home run as the Dodgers defeat the Oakland A’s, 3-2 in Game 2 of the 1974 World Series.