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Dodgers - International Baseball Overview

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  • The Dodgers traveled to Havana, Cuba for their spring training camp in 1947.
  • The Tokyo Yomiuri Giants made their first team appearance at Dodgertown in Vero Beach in 1961. They made subsequent visits in 1967, 1971 and 1975. In 1967, National League President Warren Giles, Walter O’Malley and Dodger interpreter and goodwill ambassador Ike Ikuhara greet some uniformed Giants players for training at Dodgertown.
  • Walter O’Malley and King Faisal II of Iraq watch the Dodger game on Aug. 13, 1952 at Ebbets Field. It was the first baseball game that the young King had seen in person.
  • Sportswriter Sotaro Suzuki and Walter O’Malley visit with youngsters during the 1956 Dodger goodwill tour to Japan.
  • Sotaro Suzuki is greeted upon arrival in Vero Beach in 1957 by Walter O’Malley, Terry O’Malley and Dodger team photographer Herb Scharfman.
  • Sotaro Suzuki, Walter O’Malley and Japanese all-time home run leader Sadaharu Oh of the Yomiuri Giants.