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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

January 11

January 11, 1955

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When 22-year-old Johnny Podres walked into Walter O’Malley’s office to sign a new contract, he didn’t know the ribbing he was about endure. Photographers and writers were prepared for the signing ceremony, when Podres planted himself at O’Malley’s desk and in the boss’s chair. “Who is this in my chair - Karl Spooner?” joked O’Malley as he walked into his office. Everyone in attendance got a big laugh when Podres pretended that he was at his own desk and then offered O’Malley a handful of his own favorite cigars!

January 11, 1963

Los Angeles Police Chief William Parker hosts Walter O’Malley for an all-afternoon behind-the-scenes tour of the city’s police department. In 1966, the LAPD administrative headquarters were officially named Parker Center, after the Chief passed away due to a heart attack on July 16.

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