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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

January 20

January 20, 1952

Dodger catching great Roy Campanella talked about his love for playing baseball with Arthur Daley, columnist for the New York Times, when he said, “I love the game so much—and I wouldn’t want Walter O’Malley to know this—that I’d play for nothing if that was the only way I could get to play.”Arthur Daley, Sports of the Times, New York Times, January 20, 1952

January 20, 1954

The Sporting News reprints a column by New York World-Telegram & Sun writer Joe Williams in which he had asked how Walter O’Malley felt about the term Brooklyn “Bums.” According to Williams, O’Malley responded by writing, “‘The Bums’ is a brain child of your Willard Mullin and is, to my mind, a wonderful little creature indeed. The Dodgers, you know, are not just a baseball team. They mean something to the people who have never seen a game. The Dodger are the symbol of the underdog, and well - so is The Bum...There are signs of pain and turmoil in his features; on occasion, unhappily, bruises and contusions, and, of course, he is in tatters; but always in his eyes is a look of bold defiance and prideful resolution. At the same time he is not without guile and often these noble aspects are masked by a sly twinkle...So far as we in Brooklyn are concerned the lovable little fellow is here to stay. Besides, most of us take ourselves too seriously. It’s good for our souls to be lampooned now and then.”

January 20, 1956

At Princeton University, New Jersey, Walter O’Malley serves on the “Jury of Awards” for projects by designer R. Buckminster Fuller’s graduate architectural students, who have made models for a Dodger stadium with a dome. Guest lecturer Fuller challenged the students to assist the Dodgers with various practical dome stadium ideas.

January 20, 1961

Peter McGovern, President of Little League Baseball, writes a letter to Walter O’Malley thanking him for the personal and financial support O’Malley has provided to Little League Baseball. McGovern writes, “We know the interest you have held and the personal support you have given us, and we are truly grateful and likewise sensitive of your friendship. In a material way, your intervention will enable us to continue long-range ambitions towards setting up facilities on the new Little League site in Williamsport (PA), to house and feed youngsters during tournament season and to provide accommodations for year round baseball clinic site.”

January 20, 1962

Speaking to Murray Olderman of Newspaper Enterprise Assn. (NEA), Walter O’Malley discusses features for new Dodger Stadium. “A local university developed the (infield) ground for us scientifically, a special preparation before the sod. Don’t forget, this will be the only place in baseball where all 20 big league clubs play (the American League Los Angeles Angels played at Dodger Stadium from 1962-65).” As to the unique angle of the Dugout Box seats, O’Malley said, “It’s a great stunt putting all those people, 288, down there who can second guess or fire Walter Alston. We got the dugout boxes idea from our tour of Japan (in 1956).”Murray Olderman, Orlando Sentinel, January 21, 1962

January 20, 1972

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Dodger superstar pitcher Sandy Koufax is elected as the youngest member to join the National Baseball Hall of Fame at age 36. Walter O’Malley sends the following telegram to Koufax, “Never in doubt - Another great and well deserved honor. We are mighty proud. Walter F. O’Malley”

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