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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

January 27

January 27, 1953

In response to a telegram from Dodgertown Director Edgar Allen regarding the dedication plaque to be installed in grey or colored brick on the wall of the press box at new Holman Stadium in March, Walter O’Malley writes, “By all means use the colored brick. I would mix them up at random. The brick idea is good but I do not know why it has to be placed outside the studding, sheathing and building paper. Why not just make the walls of brick and whitewash the inside. When I get the dimensions of the dedication tablet which is in the hands of the designer, I will wire them to you.”

January 27, 1964

Tom Bradley, the first African-American City Councilman in Los Angeles and Kenny Washington, one of two African-American players to reintegrate the National Football League in 1946, are Walter O’Malley’s guests for lunch. Bradley continued his service to Los Angeles as its first Black mayor in 1973, a post he held for five terms until his retirement in 1993.

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