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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

April 6

April 6, 1956

Walter O’Malley writes a letter to Gordon McLendon, owner of KLIF Radio in Dallas, Texas, regarding broadcaster Jerry Doggett. “I shall send your letter on to the agency to show that Jerry has some friends if and when an opening should occur. Actually, the team seems set with (Vin) Scully, (Connie) Desmond and (Al) Helfer unless we have to use one of them on our pitching staff.” McLendon had sent a letter to O’Malley regarding Doggett’s qualifications several days earlier. “As far as I am concerned, Jerry is not only a very nice and tractable guy but also perhaps the most competent minor league broadcaster there is today. I am real impressed with Jerry and his abilities and just wanted to say that if anything ever turns up on the Dodgers broadcasting staff, I think you really could score a ten-strike by putting Jerry on as one of the team.” Doggett was hired in 1956 and continued to work with partner Vin Scully for the next 32 seasons until his retirement in 1987.

April 6, 1963

In a presentation at Dodgertown’s Holman Stadium in Vero Beach, Florida, Walter O’Malley receives a lifetime membership plaque from the Florida Sheriff’s Association, presented by Sheriff Sam Joyce. Dodger Director Bud Holman, for whom the stadium was named, was also on the field for the ceremonies.

April 6, 1963

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After one year of the Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels playing at new Dodger Stadium, cartoonist Pete Bentovoja of the Los Angeles Times pokes fun at the friendly rivalry between the clubs. Drawn as “Union General Ulysses O’Malley,” the Dodger President is shown contending with “Confederates” Angels’ owner Gen. Robt. E. “Gene” Autry, pitcher Bo Belinsky and Belinsky’s friend of the moment, actress Mamie Van Doren. Dodger Stadium was home for the Los Angeles Angels from 1962-65.

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