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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

May 16

May 16, 1933

Kay and Walter O’Malley are the proud parents of daughter Therese (Terry) Ann, who is born at Polyclinic Hospital in New York City.

May 16, 1956

Acknowledging a letter of apology from a young Dodger fan who ran across Ebbets Field attempting to shake hands with Duke Snider, before being escorted off the field, Walter O’Malley writes, “Your letter clearly shows that you appreciate your error in judgment and conduct last Sunday. It takes a pretty good man to admit making a mistake and that you have done. Under all circumstances, I am going to forget what happened and hope that your future conduct will be that of a fine young man who is capable of writing the sincere letter which I received. Yours very truly, Walter F. O’Malley, President.”

May 16, 1958

Walter O’Malley sends the following telegram to congratulate William E. Hoy in honor of his 96th birthday. Hoy enjoyed a 14-year career as an outfielder who was deaf, thus special hand signals for balls and strikes were developed to assist him. With fine speed, Hoy stole 596 bases in his career. As the oldest living major league player, Hoy was saluted before the Reds and Milwaukee Braves night game at Crosley Field in Cincinnati: “The Los Angeles Dodgers wish to extend their birthday greetings to you and our congratulations to the fine organization which honors you as the oldest living major league ballplayer. Many happy returns of the day. Walter F. O’Malley”

May 16, 1966

Dodger Director of Scouting Al Campanis writes a memo to Walter O’Malley regarding the guests from Alaska who will be in Los Angeles to visit Dodger Stadium (May 17-19) and attend a dinner party hosted by O’Malley. The list includes Alaska Governor William A. Egan and his wife; Jess Carr, head of the Teamsters Labor Union in Alaska; Lou Dischner, the Governor’s labor representative; H.A. (Red) Boucher, General Manager and Manager of the Alaska Goldpanners Baseball Club of Fairbanks; Col. Kenneth Haycraft, U.S. Army, retired bank president who represents the executive board of the Goldpanners club; and Campanis.

May 16, 1968

Walter O’Malley meets with Los Angeles Police Chief Tom Reddin and L.A. City Attorney Roger Arnebergh regarding the expansion of the neighboring Police Academy, just north of Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers donated 2.66 acres of land to the City of Los Angeles to help facilitate the expansion and modernization of the police training center, which opened in the 1930s.

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