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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

June 14

June 14, 1946

Kay and Walter O’Malley attend the graduation ceremonies of their 13-year-old daughter Terry at Froebel Academy in Brooklyn.

June 14, 1955

Walter O’Malley is a guest on The Edward R. Murrow “See It Now” show on CBS about the pros and cons of subscription television. O’Malley was interviewed at Ebbets Field for an hour in advance of the airing.

June 14, 1955

In his letter to pitcher Joe Black, who was sold to the Cincinnati Reds on June 10, Walter O’Malley writes, “Dear Joe: I am sorry that you got out of town before I had a chance to say good-bye. I do want you to know Joe that you are always a credit to the Dodgers and my sincere hope is that with a reasonable amount of regular work you will be an effective pitcher.” Black, who was the National League Rookie of the Year in 1952 after winning 15 and saving 15 more games, pitched for the Dodgers for four seasons.

June 14, 1960

LIFE Bureau Chief John Jenkisson sends a copy of the June 20, 1960 issue of the magazine to Walter O’Malley which features a color photo essay of Los Angeles, including Dodger Stadium under construction.

June 14, 1961

The following statement from Walter O’Malley, who was at the Dodger Stadium construction site inspecting the progress of work to date, in regards to newly-elected Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty, prepared to take office on July 1. Yorty urged a delay in a contract for constructing a road from Riverside Drive through Elysian Park.Los Angeles Examiner, June 15, 1961 “Certainly, Mayor-elect Yorty should be given a reasonable opportunity to familiarize himself with all phases of the Dodger contract and we will be pleased to cooperate. We are confident he will be the first to encourage the speedy completion of the work so that the Stadium will be ready for the opening of next season. He will find that the contract has been litigated in the highest courts and has received the unanimous approval of both the California and United States Supreme courts as well as the approval of the people of Los Angeles in a referendum.” Yorty served as Mayor from 1961-73 and hosted his own local TV program “The Sam Yorty Show” on Channel 9 in 1967. O’Malley was his guest on May 28, 1967.

June 14, 1962

Walter O’Malley responds to the most famous of the Marx Brothers, Groucho, regarding Dodger game ticket availability. In his letter O’Malley writes, “The better box and loge seats are sold by the season pretty well out to the turn of the stadium,” but he assures the comedian that if he will call with the secret word, his staff will always find seats for him. All of the Marx Brothers had supported the Dodgers and O’Malley in the 1958 “Proposition B” referendum voting in Los Angeles.

June 14, 1969

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Writing an article for “We Care! A Newspaper for Serviceman,” Walter O’Malley states, “There are many special events at Dodger Stadium but one of the most spectacular will take place on Flag Day, June 14th. Some 35,000 American flags will be given to every fan attending the game that day. The Dodgers honor servicemen every chance they get — a recent Sunday afternoon game found some 10,000 military men and women along with their families on hand as guests of the Dodgers in connection with Armed Forces Day. The sight of five separate color guards, representing the five branches of military service, was a breath-taking spectacle in pre-game ceremonies.”

June 14, 1970

Guests in Walter O’Malley’s box at Dodger Stadium include decorated U.S. Army flyer Jimmy Doolittle and actor Cary Grant and his daughter Jennifer. Doolittle fulfilled the first air mission to raid the Japanese homeland on April 18, 1942 giving U.S. troops hope. President Franklin D. Roosevelt presented Lt. Col. Doolittle with the “Medal of Honor” at the White House in recognition of his leadership despite potential hazards to his life in leading a squadron of Army bombers. In O’Malley’s Dodger Stadium guest book, Grant writes on this date after Jennifer signed her name in pencil with a backwards J, “and her happy father, who also thanks you dear Kay and Walter. Cary Grant.”

June 14, 1975

Taking in the Dodger game with Walter O’Malley from the Chairman’s Box are Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bolger. Actor Bolger is most celebrated for his performance as the Scarecrow in the 1939 musical film classic “The Wizard of Oz.”

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