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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

June 15

June 15, 1943

Dodger President Branch Rickey and Walter O’Malley attend the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants game at the Polo Grounds.

June 15, 1947

Walter and Kay O’Malley’s daughter Terry finishes second in Class B of the Seaford Skiff race (with an adult at the helm) at 3:31:13 in Narrasketuck Yacht Club regatta competition on the Great South Bay around Amityville, New York.The Amityville Record, Amityville, New York, June 20, 1947

June 15, 1952

As a way for fans to get closer to the players, Walter O’Malley introduces the first Autograph Day in the history of Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field. Dodger players were stationed in booths under the grandstand prior to the game with the Cincinnati Reds.

June 15, 1960

The Dodgers and the City of Los Angeles jointly applied for a conditional use permit for the construction of a 52,000 to 56,000-seat baseball stadium to be built. According to the Los Angeles Examiner, “Accompanying the application was a detailed plot plan map showing every planned use of the 315 acres involved in the transaction. Obtaining this permit is one of the few remaining steps before construction of the stadium can be started. The map dispels all rumors, circulated by opponents, that the Dodgers planned to develop such commercial enterprises as shopping centers, hotels, night clubs and motels. It shows that the Dodgers plan the stadium in the center of the area, surrounded by parking areas.”Neville Reay, Los Angeles Examiner, June 16, 1960

June 15, 1965

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Walter O’Malley sends a letter of appreciation to United States Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey for a telegram. “You were thoughtful to send such a cordial telegram to Milwaukee on the occasion of my addressing the National Conference of Christians and Jews dinner group. Your telegram was the only one we read and was received with great warmth by a fine group of Milwaukee residents. The telegram also mentions our Dodgers. That opens an easy door to any ball game in Los Angeles when your busy schedule might have you in the city.” In Vice President Humphrey’s telegram he stated, “Please tell Walter O’Malley for me...that except for the (Minnesota) Twins his ball club is my favorite...It is certainly proper that Walter be honored by the Christian and Jews. You and your conference deserve commendation on your selection as well as on the good work you do year in and year out.”

June 15, 1968

Kay O’Malley, wife of Dodger President Walter O’Malley, is featured in The Sporting News by writer Bob Hunter about her remarkable life in baseball. The article states that the First Lady of the Dodgers makes family her first hobby, followed by her friends and then baseball. She attended Dodger games regularly at home and would keep a full score sheet on every game, home or road.Bob Hunter, The Sporting News, June 16, 1968

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