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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

June 26

June 26, 1938

New York Enquirer publishes a photograph of Walter O’Malley and friends at a fishing party eating their catch made in the St. Lawrence River near Clayton, New York.

June 26, 1952

The Dodgers begin a series of Ladies’ Day Baseball Clinics at the Abraham & Straus department store in New York. Dodger Manager Charlie Dressen and players Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese, along with their wives, provide information and background on all phases of baseball to the Abraham and Straus customers.Oscar Ruhl, “From the Ruhl Book.” The Sporting News, June 25, 1952

June 26, 1957

Walter O’Malley testifies before the House Antitrust Subcommittee of the Committee of the Judiciary before Chairman Hon. Emanuel Celler in Washington, D.C. In his testimony, O’Malley was repeatedly asked whether the Dodgers were going to play in Los Angels in 1958. His response, “I do not know the answer for two reasons. One, I do not know what the result of Mayor Wagner’s study in New York City will bring. Two, I do not know whether or not Los Angeles will be ready for major league baseball next spring.”

June 26, 1963

Explaining his position and what he has been through in Los Angeles, Walter O’Malley responds to W. Tog Ericson, Editor and Publisher of the South Pasadena (California) Review. “We have a real fight on our hands and I am glad to see some of the editorials on the subject. After all, the people in the County of Los Angeles voted to let the Dodgers build a baseball park on the land which the County and City sold to the Dodgers and the zoning restrictions as well as limitations on the conditional use make it impossible for us to build a Rockefeller Center complex here. The Supreme Court of California and the Supreme Court of the United States both unanimously approved the contract between the Dodgers and the City and County of Los Angeles...Now that the case is being prepared for trial I do not wish to be quoted directly but I certainly would welcome any elaboration on the subject. I brought the Dodgers to Los Angeles and was responsible for the Giants going to San Francisco instead of Minneapolis and opened the door to Los Angeles to the Angels and the American League at a time when they could not have come here without my permission. Twenty years from now at age 80, if alive, under normal taxes and attendance we should be able to tear up the mortgage papers and be out of debt.”

June 26, 1963

Walter O’Malley and his son Peter attend a surprise birthday party honoring Col. Tom Parker, manager of Elvis Presley, at Chasens Restaurant in Beverly Hills. The party was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Milton Prell.The Saharan, September, 1963, p. 4

June 26, 1970

Former Los Angeles City Councilwoman Roz Wyman and her family are guests in the Chairman’s Box at Dodger Stadium. In Walter O’Malley’s guest book, she writes, “Glad to be here on the 994 game. I remember the first well.” Wyman was one of the most instrumental individuals to support bringing the Dodgers to Los Angeles due to her lifelong love of baseball and her desire to see the city grow in sports, arts and music.

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