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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

July 3

July 3, 1956

A Dodger fan wrote to Walter O’Malley to express his concern that a game at Ebbets Field on June 27 should have been postponed because of heavy rains. O’Malley writes him back and explained, “I was at the game on the 27th, and frankly I expected hundreds of letters similar to yours but most of the fans must have appreciated that once the game starts it is absolutely out of ownership’s control and is fully in the hands of the umpires. Incidentally, I agreed with their decision to resume play when they did. We had 8000 youngsters who were admitted free as part of our Dodger Knot Hole program and they would have been terribly disappointed if the game had not become official. After the second and third downpour, however, I thought that the game would be called. This is the heaviest rain I have ever seen at Ebbets Field and, of course, many of our facilities suffered. I am a firm believer that a new ball park should have a translucent dome to prevent just those things which were mentioned in your letter.”

July 3, 1964

Kay and Walter O’Malley host Jack Benny and his wife Mary Livingstone Benny for dinner and a game in the President’s Box at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers defeated the Mets, 6-2.

July 3, 1978

Walter O’Malley sends birthday greetings to Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin in Beverly Hills. “Happy 80th birthday, even though you are really only 39. Kay joins me in sending all good wishes. You are our special favorite. You could not have done it without (wife) Evelyn.”

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