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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

August 21

August 21, 1940

The Freeport Tuna Club, led by Walter O’Malley, wins the third annual 1940 United States Tuna Tournament. O’Malley caught an 82 and one-quarter pound fish on 24-thread line and had to fight with the fish for two hours before the tuna was captured. Newspaper reports have O’Malley’s boat, the Viking II, captained by Karl Forsberg, greeted with loud cheers by onlookers on the dock. Apparently, the news of the capture of the large tuna by O’Malley had been communicated by marine telephone to the dock. Even the mayor of Belmar was present to view the return of O’Malley’s boat. O’Malley won an award for the tournament for largest fish caught per thread of line. Tex Rickard, longtime Ebbets Field stadium announcer, caught a 79 1/2 pound bluefin for the Sheepshead Bay Tuna Club of Brooklyn.New York Times, August 21, 1940

August 21, 1951

A Ladies’ Night promotion at Ebbets Field showed the popularity of the Brooklyn Dodgers as more than 20,000 women took advantage of the 60 cent admission fee.The Sporting News, September 5, 1951 The ballpark was filled to capacity and several thousand fans had an interest in coming to the game but were turned away.

August 21, 1956

Harold Stahmer, Chairman of the Protestant Council of New York City, Brooklyn Division, sends a letter of thanks to Walter O’Malley. The Dodgers had provided a day for the Protestant Council to attend a Dodger game at Ebbets Field and several thousand seats were provided to the Council to be sold to raise funds for the non-profit group.

August 21, 1957

Los Angeles City and County Negotiator Harold “Chad” McClellan has his initial meeting with Walter O’Malley in New York. McClellan was appointed by Los Angeles Mayor Norris Poulson to represent the City and County of Los Angeles in formal discussions and to lay the groundwork for a contract to be voted on by the City Council.

August 21, 1958

The Chamber of Commerce of Quartz Hill, California, sends an invitation to Walter O’Malley to relocate the Los Angeles Dodgers to Quartz Hill. The Quartz Hill Chamber of Commerce stated the city, located in the Antelope Valley, was only 65 “short” miles from the center of Los Angeles and was easily accessible by many modes of transportation.

August 21, 1962

Walter O’Malley responds to a telegram sent by Jack Warner of Warner Bros. studios when Warner was on vacation in France. Warner sent the telegram on August 15th writing, “Let’s get going or I’ll have to come back and manage. Anyhow, I know we’re going to win the pennant.” O’Malley writes to Warner, “We are still on top but there are a couple of teams that are clawing our back and trying to climb all over it.”

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