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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

September 14

September 14, 1963

In his Sportslook column in the Los Angeles Times, Don Page writes of the generosity of Walter O’Malley, who will televise on KTTV Channel 11 all three crucial pennant-race games in St. Louis, a first for the Dodgers. “In order to deliver this handsome television gift into Los Angeles parlors, Walter relinquished Dodger rights to the series, allowing the sponsor (Union Oil) to harvest all benefits. From now on, you’ll love him like Santa Claus.” The column features an accompanying photo of O’Malley in a Santa suit and cap!

September 14, 1967

Walter O’Malley makes a guest appearance on the 90-minute variety “Woody Woodbury Show,” taped at the KTTV studios in Los Angeles. Woodbury was a film actor and comedian and his show was syndicated across the United States on Metromedia stations.

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