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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

December 5

December 5, 1951

Walter O’Malley thought different ground rules in major league parks did not benefit baseball. “Do you know any reason why there should be two foul screens on the foul pole in parks in which both leagues play, such as Shibe Park and Sportsman’s Park?” One is on the inside of the pole, one is on the outside — don’t ask me which. But is that so important a point that one screen wouldn’t do? Also, what deep cleft between thinking processes decrees that a ball striking the foul pole shall differ in value from league to league?”The Sporting News, December 5, 1951

December 5, 1954

Los Angeles Examiner columnist Vincent X. Flaherty sends this telegram to Walter O’Malley: “Los Angeles and San Francisco Boards of Supervisors have assured American League immediate enlargment (sp.) of ball parks for 1955 and immediate construction of new parks for 1956. American League has held three secret meetings with Supervisors for expansion for 1955. Unless National League moves immediately costly blunder will have been commited (sp.) by National League which we much prefer here. Los Angeles Supervisor Kenneth Hahn authority for this information. Best regards.”

December 5, 1955

Robert Moses, Parks Commissioner for the City of New York, writes a letter to Walter O’Malley declining an invitation. “Dear Walter: It was most generous of you to invite me on what will surely be a wonderful pre-Christmas expedition with a remarkable passenger list. Unfortunately, I can’t possibly make it. Too much going on and a short vacation planned in February. I should like, however, to have a look at the log when you get back and shall see you all before Christmas in any event. Again thanks.”

December 5, 1956

Roscoe McGowen has fun with a photograph taken of Walter O’Malley during the O’Malley family’s around the world trip in 1956. McGowen writes in The Sporting News, “What may prove to be the epic picture of the Dodgers’ Oriental tour wasn’t taken in Japan, nor was it of ball players. It was a shot of Walter Francis O’Malley, the Brooklyn president and Bud Holman, a Dodger director, showing these two gents aboard a couple of camels. The picture, not yet available here, was taken in Karachi, Pakistan, according to a postcard from Peter O’Malley, The O’Malley son and heir.”Roscoe McGowen, The Sporting News, December 5, 1956

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