Hall of Famers

Under the leadership of Walter O’Malley, the Dodger organization flourished and excelled both on and off the field. No standard in baseball is higher than reaching the Hall of Fame, both as an acknowledgment by colleagues that a player has distinguished himself as one of the truly all-time greats who made lasting contributions to the game and for his overall character. O’Malley’s “golden era” of baseball was marked by some of the game’s most recognizable names and biggest contributors. In addition to the seven players and two managers enshrined in Cooperstown, NY, O’Malley also had four broadcasters under his presidency who reached the highest heights in their profession and were inducted into the Hall of Fame as winners of the Ford C. Frick Award — Red Barber, Vin Scully, Buck Canel and Jaime Jarrin.

Managers Years Under O'Malley Year Inducted
24   Walter Alston 1954-76 1983
2     Tommy Lasorda 1977-79 1997
39   Roy Campanella, C 1951-57 1969
53   Don Drysdale, RHP 1956-69 1984
32   Sandy Koufax, LHP 1955-66 1972
1     Pee Wee Reese, SS 1951-58 1984
42   Jackie Robinson, INF 1951-56 1962
4     Duke Snider, OF 1951-62 1980
20   Don Sutton, RHP 1966-79 1998
Red Barber 1951-53 1978
Buck Canel 1954-57 1985
Jaime Jarrin 1959-79 1998
Vin Scully 1951-79 1982
Additional Hall of Famers who wore the Dodger uniform during O’Malley’s years:
Jim Bunning, RHP 1969 1996
Leo Durocher, Cch. 1961-64 1994
Ted Lyons, Cch. 1954 1955
Juan Marichal, RHP 1975 1983
Frank Robinson, OF 1972 1982
Hoyt Wilhelm, RHP 1971-72 1985