O'Malley Collection on Display at These Museums

Elliott Museum, Stuart, FL

("Florida Fields of Dreams: A Celebration of Spring Training" special exhibit in March-September, 2010)

*1953 Holman Stadium Dedication Program with blue insert (order of ceremonies).

*October 16, 1952 carbon copy of letter from Walter O'Malley to Judge L.M. Merriman, Vero Beach, FL and his plan to name the new stadium at Dodgertown "Holman Stadium" in honor of Bud L. Holman.

*Blueprint of Holman Stadium dedication plaque.

*Black and white photo of Connie Mack shaking hands with Walter O'Malley.

*Black and white photo of Dodger President Peter O'Malley as he names "Duke Snider Rd." at Dodgertown in 1980 in honor of Snider, as Al Campanis, Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale join in the festivities.

*Black and white photo of Tokyo Yomiuri Giants' slugger Sadaharu Oh, Dodger owner Walter O'Malley, Giants' President Toru Shoriki and Giants' star Shigeo Nagashima enjoy a cultural exchange at Dodgertown in 1971.

*Dodgertown Camp for Boys original color brochure.

*Black and white aerial 4 x 5" photo of Dodgertown, showing the old barracks and Fields No. 1 and No. 2.

*Seven (7) postcards of Dodgertown (four black and white and three color) showing views of Holman Stadium, players' lounge, old barracks and stretching exercise on the field.

*1964 St. Patrick's Day party invitation showing Dodger owner Walter O'Malley and his wife, Kay, the hosts of the gala.

*April 5, 1958 LIFE magazine featuring hundreds of Dodger rookies on the cover. It was the first year that the former U.S. Naval Air base was used for Spring Training and renamed "Dodgertown" in Vero Beach, FL.

*Black and white photo of the March 11, 1953 Holman Stadium dedication ceremonies, as Walter O'Malley congratulates Bud L. Holman.

*March 28, 1955 Sports Illustrated magazine featuring the artwork of John Groth on pages 56 and 57 with a story "Big Business At Vero Beach."

*Carbon copies of 1955 letters written by Walter O'Malley to Groth and to SI's art editor James Snyder regarding John Groth's artwork and his thanks for sending the drawing as a gift.

*Green full ticket from the first game played at Holman Stadium, Dodgertown, Vero Beach, FL dated March 11, 1953.

*Original artwork of John Groth depicts a typical day of activities at Dodgertown. The artwork, created in 1955, was presented as a gift to Dodger President O'Malley.

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