O'Malley Collection on Display at These Museums

Los Angeles County Law Library, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles County Law Library, Los Angeles, CA

Law Week Celebration and Book Discussion for “City of Dreams” by Jerald Podair, April 30-May 31, 2018

*Three original brochures and sticker from 1958 “Proposition B” voting in Los Angeles to determine if the City contract previously signed with the Dodgers would stay in effect. A “Yes” vote on Prop B meant the contract would remain, while a “No” vote meant that it would be defeated.

*Original Dodger Yearbooks from 1958 and 1960. The 1958 Dodger Yearbook, their inaugural season in L.A. featured facsimile autographs of the players, Manager Walter Alston and coaches. The 1960 Dodger Yearbook featured a rendering of the new Dodger Stadium to be privately built by Walter O’Malley.

*A selection of 11 photographs from the Dodgers’ arrival in Los Angeles reproduced and with captions.

*Three replicas of newspaper color special sections welcoming the Dodgers to L.A. in April, 1958.

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