1971 Commemorative Photo Book about Matsutaro Shoriki from Yomiuri to Walter O’Malley


Yomiuri executives sent a copy of a memorial photo book about Matsutaro Shoriki, the “father of professional baseball in Japan,” to Dodger Chairman of the Board Walter O’Malley at Dodger Stadium. Shoriki and Walter are shown in a photo together. They were friends and saw each other on the occasion of the two Dodger Goodwill Tours to Japan (1956, 1966). Shoriki passed away on October 9, 1969 and Yomiuri produced the book on that anniversary date in remembrance of his extraordinary life. In 1959, Shoriki became the first inductee into the Japan Baseball Hall of Fame. Also, the Matsutaro Shoriki Award is presented annually to the individual who contributes the most to baseball in Japan.