Silkscreen Artist’s Proof of Dodger star pitcher Hideo Nomo by Hiro Yamagata, No. 29/50


Japan Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Hideo Nomo was the first Japan-born player to be in Major League Baseball in 30 years. His pitching style is boldly and colorfully depicted in a silkscreen artist’s proof by Hiro Yamagata. Nomo personally presented the artwork to Peter O’Malley, President, Los Angeles Dodgers, 1970-1998 at Ginza Sushi-Ko in Beverly Hills. O’Malley’s signing of Nomo and Nomo’s success opened the door for more than 65 additional Japan-born players to participate in Major League Baseball (as of the start of the 2024 season). L.A.-based Yamagata is known as a pioneer for contemporary laser art and is renowned for his silkscreens with vivid use of color.