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Hall of Fame

Listen to Vin Scully read the inscription from Walter O’Malley’s Hall of Fame plaque.
Listen to Jaime Jarrin read the inscription in Spanish from Walter O’Malley’s Hall of Fame plaque.

O’Malley Interviews

1965 Loren Peterson

O’Malley Comments

Walter O’Malley on his Childhood
Walter O’Malley on his School Days
Walter O’Malley on his Education
Walter O’Malley on Kay at Law School
Walter O’Malley on Joining the Dodgers
Walter O’Malley on Postgame 1951 Giants
Walter O’Malley on Ebbets Field
Walter O’Malley on 1965 World Champions
Walter O’Malley on Ticket Prices
Walter O’Malley on His Love of Cooking
Walter O’Malley on His Accomplishments
Walter O’Malley Reflects on Los Angeles

Dodger Events

Walter O’Malley on Postgame 1951 Giants
Holman Stadium Story (Vin Scully)
Opening Day (April 18, 1958 at L.A. Memorial Coliseum), Pregame show (Vin Scully and Jerry Doggett)
Roy Campanella Night (Dodgers, May 7, 1959 with Vin Scully)
1959 World Series final out. Postgame interviews with Vin Scully
Introduction of Kay O'Malley, Los Angeles Times Woman of the Year recipient in 1971

About O’Malley

Roy Campanella, 1979
Don Newcombe, 1979
Danny Kaye, 1985
Don Sutton, 1979
Steve Garvey, 1979
Ron Cey, 1979
Jack Yount, Construction, 1972
Jack Yount, Painting, 1972
Jack Yount, City, 1972