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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

August 8

August 8, 1942

The United States Atlantic Tuna Tournament was canceled by Chairman Walter O’Malley. O’Malley proclaimed the popular fishing tournament would “not be held again until the first season after victory has been achieved.” O’Malley was referring to World War II as the United States had entered hostilities the previous December. O’Malley was quick to say there would not be fishing at all, however. “We certainly do not want to give the impression that we believe there will not be or should not be any fishing this season...To encourage them (fishermen) we are offering a special trophy for the largest tuna. We hope the anglers will keep their lines out and look forward to holding the fifth annual tuna tournament after victory has been achieved.”New York Times, August 8, 1942

August 8, 1956

Walter O’Malley writes a memo to himself on the negotiations to build a new Dodger Stadium in Brooklyn. “The matter is now in the hands of the Stadium Authority and I would prefer not to talk to anyone until I find out what they propose to do. Suggest you wait and when engineers are retained to communicate with them. It is desirable that I do not have any ‘informal’ talks on this subject at this time.” Also, on this date, Dan Daniel writes in The Sporting News on the need for an all-weather stadium for baseball teams and how Walter O’Malley hopes to solve the problem with his proposed ballpark. “Baseball must take heed,” said O’Malley. “The new Brooklyn Stadium will be air-conditioned. It will have escalators, moving ramps, comforts never before dreamed of in baseball, but now absolutely essential if we are to continue in baseball prosperously.”The Sporting News, August 8, 1956

August 8, 1959

The Fordham Alumni Association presents an award to Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully and President Walter O’Malley. Scully graduated from Fordham with a bachelor’s degree and O’Malley graduated from the Fordham University School of Law.

August 8, 1959

90,751 fans fill the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to see the Dodgers defeat the Braves, 4-1 as Don Drysdale allows just four hits and one run to the powerful Brave offense. The crowd total is second only to the tribute game for Roy Campanella on May 7, 1959 when 93,103 fans attended the game.

August 8, 1968

Bill Lear, president of the Lear Jet Corporation and for whom the company is named, requests an autographed picture of Walter O’Malley for placement on what Lear called his “rogues gallery.”

August 8, 1975

Walter O’Malley attends a reception at the Japanese Consul General in Los Angeles for the Prime Minister of Japan, Takeo Miki and his wife, Mutsuko.

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