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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

August 19

August 19, 1947

The fifth annual U.S. Atlantic Tuna Tournament is scheduled to begin at Belmar, New Jersey announced by tournament chairman Walter O’Malley. Team captains were requested to bring 39-thread and 24-thread line for the contest. Captured fish are to be weighed and sold with the proceeds donated to charity. Fish had to weigh more than 75 pounds in order to be considered as points for scoring toward the championship trophy.

August 19, 1955

Walter O’Malley is at Gracie Mansion, the residence of New York City Mayor Robert Wagner, to meet with Wagner, Brooklyn Borough President John Cashmore and Commissioner of Parks Robert Moses to review plans for a new baseball stadium for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Giants, John Cashmore, Brooklyn Borough President, and Robert Moses, Parks Commissioner. The meeting took place on the terrace in the back yard of the residence and a strong wind blew so hard conversation was difficult. O’Malley described the wind as a “Hurricane Dodger.” At one point, Mayor Wagner joked when O’Malley could not be heard in the conversation that (the wind) must be Horace Stoneham (the Giants’ owner).” Mr. O’Malley laughed, “Oh no, there’s not that much wind.”Sydney Gruson, New York Times, August 20, 1955

August 19, 1960

The deed officially conveying former city property at Chavez Ravine to the Dodgers was recorded by the Office of County Recorder Ray Lee, while Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, valued at $2.2 million, was officially transferred to the City of Los Angeles, as part of the city’s contract with the Dodgers.

August 19, 1966

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Walter O’Malley thanks artist Nicholas Volpe for the work Volpe had done of a portrait of Walter O’Malley. O’Malley writes Volpe “The office force does not know who the blue-eyed subject is but they will keep on trying.”

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