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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

August 30

August 30, 1926

Walter O’Malley receives his notice for a pleasure boat permit with the state of New York, Department of Public Works, Bureau of Canals. The permit stated the bearer “agreed to perform all obligations imposed under the rules and regulations that govern navigation, AND PARTICUARLY TO A RESTRICTED SPEED OF TEN MILES PER HOUR.

August 30, 1939

The Nassau Daily Review-Star newspaper carries a photo of Walter O’Malley for the Second Annual United States Atlantic Tuna Tournament in Water Witch, New Jersey. O’Malley was the tournament chairman and was shown presenting the day’s top catch to Harry Armstrong, Fish and Game Commissioner for the state of New Jersey. Captured fish were then distributed to state hospitals for preparation. The largest fish caught during the tournament weighed 194 pounds.Nassau Daily Review-Star, August 30, 1939

August 30, 1957

Columnist Melvin Durslag of the Los Angeles Examiner prints a letter from City of San Francisco Mayor George Christopher as to how Mayor Christopher feels about the Dodgers coming to Los Angeles. The New York Giants had already announced their intention to move to San Francisco by this date. Durslag had written in a previous column that “Los Angeles needs San Francisco like a hole in its infield.” Christopher responded, “Your open letter to San Francisco has just reached my desk. I found the column both interesting and amusing, but I do wish to take friendly issue with you on one of the points you raised. It very well may be that in one of your previous articles you did say, ‘Los Angeles needs San Francisco like a hole in its infield.’ If you said that, you are forgiven. We do not feel the same about Los Angeles. When I took office as Mayor in January, 1956, one of my first official acts was to discuss a two-city baseball drive with your Mayor Poulson. We met on at least three different occasions to pledge ourselves to work not only for own community, but to render all possible assistance to each other. As far as I’m concerned, the deal is still in effect and San Francisco proposes to help Los Angeles in any way it can in your city’s efforts to obtain a major league franchise. We will do this because we think that in aiding you we are helping ourselves, and that the friendly rivalry engendered between the two cities will be good for baseball as well as for us. We believe Los Angeles is a major league town entitled to the best in everything else. You have my word for it that the resources of my office are at your disposal to render any service that you may need in your drive to get the Dodgers or any major league franchise. Kindest personal regards, George Christopher (Mayor of San Francisco).”Los Angeles Examiner, August 30, 1957

August 30, 1960

Walter O’Malley relates to Los Angeles Times writer Jeane Hoffman about his Lake Arrowhead retreat. “I wanted a place far enough away to be completely removed from things—mentally and physically.” O’Malley talked of the pressures of running the team. “In the city,” said O’Malley, “my day runs from 9 a.m. to midnight with lunches, business meetings, legal hassles and baseball problems consuming every minute. Problems? Oh, I’ve had them in all shapes and sizes—it isn’t the size that bothers you after a while. It’s the consistency.” He talked about the values of being at Lake Arrowhead. “When I get up here, I’m so far removed from the world that I honestly leave my worries at the foot of the hill. I’m not a worrier, anyway...You’ve got to believe in yourself and that things will come out all right. I don’t worry about the future—or the past.”Los Angeles Times, August 30, 1960

August 30, 1962

Walter O’Malley thanks comedian Jack Benny for the gift of a gold money clip. O’Malley writes, “Please know my bankroll is well secured. While showing it at dinner in the (Stadium) Club the other night one of your admirers asked if it was real gold and I said ‘of course’ to which he replied, ‘and Jack Benny gave it to you?’ Such is fame.”

August 30, 1965

Newsweek magazine has a photo of Walter O’Malley and Chuck Connors in their August 30, 1965 issue regarding O’Malley’s appearance on the television show “Branded.” Connors said, “If he (O’Malley) doesn’t blow his lines, I’ll take him on option.” The magazine also said O’Malley was paid $300 for the two minute appearance. O’Malley said, “That’s just the figure I signed Connors for in ’49, $300 a month.”Newsweek, August 30, 1965

August 30, 1976

Walter O’Malley is interviewed by Masaaki Mori, Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame catcher for the Tokyo Giants in the 1000th issue of Weekly Baseball, a Japanese Baseball magazine. O’Malley tells of his dream for a World Series between the American and Japanese champions. Mori thanks O’Malley at the end of the interview, O’Malley replied with “Do-itashi-mashite.” (Very welcome).

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