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This Day in Walter O’Malley History

September 13

September 13, 1962

After being mentioned in the September 5 column of Walter Winchell, Walter O’Malley writes to him at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The column said, “Dodgers’ boss Walter O’Malley rates a back-pat for reminding fans how the lyrics go to the (National) Anthem. Via a giant-sized electric-sign in the bleachers...Any other ballpark do that?...” O’Malley writes, “Thank you for your note of September 11th, and the clipping which you enclosed. So far I have received 52 copies of the column so you once again touched a popular cord with the public. Many thanks.”

September 13, 1966

Kay and Walter O’Malley attend a reception at the Dodger Stadium Club for the presentation of a recently published book, “Alston and the Dodgers” written by Dodger Manager Walter Alston and Hall of Fame sportswriter Si Burick. The book was an autobiography of Alston, a future Hall of Fame skipper.

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