Dodgertown Historic Timeline


  • A new 15,000-square foot indoor batting facility opens for Spring Training, complete with batting tunnels and pitcher’s mounds. Also, it led to renovated administrative offices and an adjacent minor league clubhouse, as well as the addition of Fields #5 and #6.

    The Vero Beach Dodgers win their second Florida State League championship.

    The Kansas City Chiefs prepare for the playoffs, using Dodgertown for training purposes from December 31, 1990 to January 4, 1991.

  • On July 13, the Dodgers welcome the Nigerian National Baseball team (25 players, ages 16-18) to Dodgertown through July 21, as the team prepares for the International Baseball Association’s Youth Championships in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada from July 26 to August 5. Peter O’Malley said of the guests, “All of us in the Dodger organization are proud to host the National Baseball Team from Nigeria at Dodgertown and we’ll do everything possible to make their stay at Dodgertown worthwhile.”

    For the second time, the Florida State League All-Star Game is played at Holman Stadium.

    Dodgertown grows with the purchase of 8.5 acres from Piper Aircraft.

  • From February 5-20, the Samsung Lions of South Korea train at Dodgertown for the second time.

    The largest Spring Training season attendance is recorded for games at Holman Stadium with 85,332 fans.

    The University of Miami football team trains at Dodgertown from August 26-September 6 in preparation for their regular season opener after Hurricane Andrew devastated the Florida coast.

  • From January 28-February 18, the Samsung Lions of South Korea make their third visit to Dodgertown for training purposes. The Lions had trained previously at Dodgertown in 1985 and 1992. Commissioner of Baseball in Korea, Sang-Hoon Lee, was at Dodgertown to observe the historic occasion. Lions’ coach Taw Soo Jang stayed in Vero Beach to become a coach for the Class A Dodgers during the 1993 season. 

    The Moscow Red Devils arrive on the invitation of Dodger President Peter O’Malley. On January 30, the Samsung Lions defeated the Moscow Red Devils 7-0 at Dodgertown, marking the first ever meeting between a Russian team and a Korean professional team.

  • The baseball team from Waseda University in Japan is invited to spend two weeks (February 17-March 1) for training purposes, marking the first time an amateur team had visited Dodgertown and trained alongside the MLB Dodgers.

    Chan Ho Park became the first South Korean-born player to appear in the majors, arriving with the Dodgers at Dodgertown and opening spring workouts on February 18. Chan Ho first pitched inside the Dodgertown cages on February 19, after a workout at Holman Stadium was rained out for the second consecutive day.

  • The Samsung Lions of South Korea make their fourth visit to Dodgertown to prepare for the Korean Baseball League season.

    Hideo Nomo makes his Dodger debut at Dodgertown. He is the first Japan-born player to join a major league team to have played professionally in Japan’s Central or Pacific League in 30 years. His every move was documented at Dodgertown by hordes of media.

    The Ohio State Buckeyes use Dodgertown for training from December 12-23, prior to the 1996 Citrus Bowl.

  • The Philadelphia Eagles train at Dodgertown from January 1-6, in preparation for the NFL divisional playoff at Dallas.

    Peter O’Malley invites the baseball team from Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea to train in February at Dodgertown, marking the first Korean amateur team to utilize the base. Dodger pitcher Chan Ho Park attended Hanyang University and, in 1994, became the first South Korean-born player to appear in the majors.

    Coaches from Ireland – Mike Manning of Templeogue and Mike Kindle of Monkstown – were guests of Peter O’Malley at Dodgertown. Both Manning and Kindle coached for the Irish Baseball and Softball Association, overseeing players in the Dublin Youth Baseball League and the Irish national baseball team. While learning training and coaching techniques at Dodgertown, the pair also had an opportunity to work out with the Dodgers during drills and intrasquad exhibition games.

  • The Dodgers invest $1 million in Dodgertown in a renovation project that includes an addition to the complex that houses the major league clubhouse, a new clubhouse and golf cart facility at Dodgertown Golf Club, the addition of a new umpires room and minor league equipment storage facility. Also, expanded office space to the conference center was added. Also, the indoor batting cages were upgraded, as well as the playing fields, a private pitching mound next to the pitching strings area and a new media room.

    From January 27-February 19, the Samsung Lions of South Korea make their fifth trip to Dodgertown for training.

  • Peter O’Malley sells the Los Angeles Dodgers to the FOX Group for $311 million, the highest amount paid for a professional sports franchise. Dodgertown is included in the sale.

  • The Sinon Bulls are the first Taiwanese team to visit Dodgertown for a week of training in February.