Dodgertown Quotes

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We have the finest Spring Training base in the land – the most complete facilities imaginable, a great little ball park in Holman Stadium and the most cooperative neighbors in Florida,

Walter O’Malley

February 16, 1956, Vero Beach Press-Journal

This is the nicest camp I’ve seen (in Spring Training). This place has character,

Ted Williams

March 12, 1969, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

The key word is togetherness. I know of no other spring complex where everyone from top to bottom lives alike,

Walter O’Malley

March 8, 1970, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

Tradition hangs heavy at Dodgertown. Nostalgia, USA…In a way, the history of Vero is the history of baseball,

Jim Murray

March 31, 1977, Los Angeles Times

Rickey had the dream. Robinson provided the need. O’Malley has made the dream stay alive and become a beautiful fulfillment,

Red Barber

April 3, 1977, Tallahassee Democrat

No other place on earth holds as many memories for me as Dodgertown,

Vin Scully


Spring training at Dodgertown was something very special to me because of its rich history and the people who experienced Dodgertown. It was a wonderful time. We were isolated there and players spent a lot of time together and we grew very close. I have so many great memories.  Dodgertown is truly a historic place,

Sandy Koufax


It was really honorable and exciting for me to play baseball in such a beautiful complex and to learn the advanced Dodgers way of baseball when I visited Dodgertown for the first time for the spring training as a member of Tokyo Giants in 1961. I can still remember the smells and the atmosphere of the wonderful facility. It was a precious memory and I will not forget for all my life,

Sadaharu Oh

Hall of Famer and all-time home run king in Japan, 2013

It’s the greatest spring training complex in the United States. I’ll never love anything the way I loved going to Dodgertown,

Tommy Lasorda