What They're Saying

  • “We have the finest Spring Training base in the land – the most complete facilities imaginable, a great little ball park in Holman Stadium and the most cooperative neighbors in Florida,”

    Walter O’Malley, February 16, 1956, Vero Beach Press-Journal

  • “This is the nicest camp I’ve seen (in Spring Training). This place has character,”

    Ted Williams, March 12, 1969, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

  • “The key word is togetherness. I know of no other spring complex where everyone from top to bottom lives alike,”

    Walter O’Malley, March 8, 1970, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

  • “Tradition hangs heavy at Dodgertown. Nostalgia, USA…In a way, the history of Vero is the history of baseball,”

    Jim Murray, March 31, 1977, Los Angeles Times

  • “Rickey had the dream. Robinson provided the need. O’Malley has made the dream stay alive and become a beautiful fulfillment,”

    Red Barber, April 3, 1977, Tallahassee Democrat

  • “No other place on earth holds as many memories for me as Dodgertown,”

    Vin Scully, 2013

  • “Spring training at Dodgertown was something very special to me because of its rich history and the people who experienced Dodgertown. It was a wonderful time. We were isolated there and players spent a lot of time together and we grew very close. I have so many great memories.  Dodgertown is truly a historic place,”

    Sandy Koufax, 2013

  • “It was really honorable and exciting for me to play baseball in such a beautiful complex and to learn the advanced Dodgers way of baseball when I visited Dodgertown for the first time for the spring training as a member of Tokyo Giants in 1961. I can still remember the smells and the atmosphere of the wonderful facility. It was a precious memory and I will not forget for all my life,”

    Sadaharu Oh, Hall of Famer and all-time home run king in Japan, 2013

  • “It’s the greatest spring training complex in the United States. I’ll never love anything the way I loved going to Dodgertown,”


    Tommy Lasorda, 2013

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