Short Stops

Give Him Credit

Pasadena Star-News columnist Rube Samuelsen wrote the following in “Rube-Barbs” on June 23, 1961: “This actually happened: The Coliseum’s phone rang, and a voice queried Mrs. Jean Davis, (General Manager) Bill Nicholas’ secretary, with: ‘This is General Motors Acceptance Corporation. The Coliseum was given to us as a reference. I am checking on a man who wants to buy a Cadillac. Can you certify as to Walter O’Malley’s credit rating?’ Thinking it was a gag, Mrs. Davis replied, “W-w-w-well, I suppose it’s all right.

“Trouble was, for awhile there, the GMAC employee took Mrs. Davis seriously.” O’Malley then penned a letter to Samuelsen five days later stating, “Three more payments on my original NATIONAL (1912) and the car will be all mine. Sincerely, Walter.”

Source: Rube Samuelsen, Pasadena Star-News, June 23, 1961

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