The 1987 Dodgers

Team History: 1951-1997
1987 Record:
73-89, fourth place in the N.L. Western Division
Tommy Lasorda
Pedro Guerrero, 3B; Orel Hershiser, P
Home Attendance:

Season Recap:

The 1987 season was a second painful season with an identical 73-89 record from the 1986 season. The difficulty of the 1987 season began on Opening Day when Vice President Al Campanis resigned his position due to remarks that did not reflect the organization and Executive Vice President Fred Claire was named to make personnel decisions for the team. The club started the 1987 season with five straight losses, and the industry thought it was the end of the Dodger season. However, the Dodgers responded to Claire’s leadership and won 19 of their next 29 games and were only 2 1/2 games from first place on June 1. A flat June still had them within 5 1/2 games on June 20th, but from there, below average records in July and August took the team out of contention. However, in September they won 11 of their last 16 games of the 1987 season that showed the promise of the 1988 season and what a promise would be accomplished! The pitching staff was led by the team’s workhorse, Orel Hershiser.  Hershiser won 16 games and was first in innings pitched, third in total wins, and third in complete games (10). Hershiser would be voted fourth in the N.L. Cy Young Award ballot. Bob Welch won 15 games and Fernando Valenzuela won 14 games. The bullpen had left hander Matt Young and right hander Alejandro Pena both with 11 saves. The offense was led by a healthy Pedro Guerrero who hit 27 home runs and drove in 89 runs, both team highs. Mike Marshall hit 16 home runs and was second on the team in RBI with 72. Claire, in his first season, in charge of the roster decisions, made several that made a difference for the team. One of his first acquisitions, Mickey Hatcher, signed as a free agent and Hatcher played regularly and hit .282 and slugged .429 and roused his teammates with his fiery playing style. John Shelby was playing in AAA with the Rochester Red Wings when Claire traded Tom Niedenfuer for him. Shelby would play a fine center field and hit 21 home runs. In September, Claire showed his moxie when the Dodgers acquired Tim Belcher from the Oakland A’s for Rick Honeycutt. Belcher’s ERA had dropped precipitously from the 6.00 area in the middle of July to the middle of August. Claire swooped in to make the deal before the A’s could realize how much Belcher had improved. Belcher would pitch well enough in 1987 to show his potential and a year later, would win three postseason games in the NLCS and World Series. The 1987 off-season was a busy one for the Dodgers. Tim Leary would pitch in the Mexican League and sharpen his performance. The Dodgers made a rare three-team trade when they shook up the Winter Meeting when they acquired shortstop Alfredo Griffin, relief pitcher Jay Howell and relief pitcher Jesse Orosco. Claire was still not done improving his club. He signed outfielder Mike Davis, and it was in January, 1988 he would sign free agent Kirk Gibson, later the 1988 National League Most Valuable Player. Claire was clear:  1988 would not be like 1987. 

Below are the Dodger Front Office department heads and personnel who worked for Peter O’Malley.

Board of Directors
Peter O’Malley, President; Harry M. Bardt; Roland Seidler, Jr., Vice President, Treasurer; Terry O’Malley Seidler, Secretary
Peter O’Malley
Executive Vice President:
Fred Claire
Vice President, Player Personnel:
Al Campanis
Vice President, Minor League Operations:
William P. Schweppe
Vice President, Marketing:
Merritt Willey
Vice President, Treasurer:
Roland Seidler, Jr.
Assistant to the President:
Ike Ikuhara
Controller and Assistant Treasurer:
Ken Hasemann
Director, Financial Projects:
Bob Graziano
Assistant Secretary and General Counsel:
Sam Fernandez
Director, Community Relations:
Don Newcombe
Community Relations:
Roy Campanella
Community Relations:
Lou Johnson
Director, Dodger Network:
Dave Van de Walker
Director, Dodgertown:
Charlie Blaney
Director, Publicity:
Steve Brener
Director, Publications:
Toby Zwikel
Director, Scouting:
Ben Wade
Director, Community Services – Special Events:
Bill Shumard
Director, Stadium Club and Transportation:
Bob Schenz
Director, Stadium Operations:
Bob Smith
Director, Ticket Department:
Walter Nash
Director, Ticket Marketing, Promotions:
Barry Stockhamer
Traveling Secretary:
Billy DeLury
Michael Strange
Team Doctors:
Dr. Frank W. Jobe; Dr. Michael F. Mellman