Business Correspondence


Through his years as President of the Dodgers, Walter O’Malley corresponded with numerous individuals, business leaders, government officials, friends and entertainers. A wide selection of O’Malley’s business and personal correspondence is included in this section of historic documents. An alphabetical listing of key individuals mentioned in the historic document section follows:

Chester Allen
Member, Brooklyn Sports Center Authority; President, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce; President, Kings County Trust Company

Robert Baldwin
Mayor, Borough of South Plainfield, NJ

Sidney Bingham
Member, New York City Board of Transportation

Robert E. Blum
Member, Brooklyn Sports Center Authority; Vice President, Abraham & Straus

Brooklyn Sports Center Authority
established by the 1957 State Legislature, empowered to issue $30 million in tax-exempt bonds to redevelop downtown Brooklyn and identify a new stadium site for the Brooklyn Dodgers. The three appointed members: Chairman Charles J. Mylod, President of Goelet Realty Company; Chester Allen, President of the Kings County Trust Co.; Robert E. Blum, a Vice President of Abraham & Straus

Peter Campbell Brown
Corporation Counsel, City of New York

John Cashmore
President, Borough of Brooklyn

George Christopher
Mayor, City of San Francisco

New York consulting engineers and architectural design firm

Braven Dyer
Columnist, Los Angeles Times

Vincent X. Flaherty
Columnist, Los Angeles Examiner

John Anson Ford
Chairman, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

R. Buckminster Fuller
Architect, engineer, inventor of the geodesic dome

John Gibson
President, Los Angeles City Council

Thomas M. Goodfellow
General Manager/President, Long Island Railroad

Kenneth Hahn
Los Angeles County Supervisor, Second District

Harold Kennedy
Counsel, Los Angeles County

Eugene Keogh
Member, United States Congress; comments on Brooklyn baseball situation in Congressional Record 7/2/57

Consulting Engineers, Long Island City, NY; retained in 1957 by Brooklyn Sports Center Authority for stadium feasibility study

George V. McLaughlin
Member, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority; President, Brooklyn Trust Company

Robert Moses
Chairman, Construction Coordinator, City of New York, Office of Committee on Slum Clearance; Chairman, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (1934-68); Parks Commissioner for the City of New York (1934-60)

James A. Mulvey
Vice President, Stockholder, Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers; President, Samuel Goldwyn Productions

Charles J. Mylod
Chairman, Brooklyn Sports Center Authority; President, Goelet Realty Company

Sylvan Oestreicher
New York tax attorney; Los Angeles Dodgers’ Board of Directors

Arthur E. “Red” Patterson
Dodger Vice President/Assistant General Manager, Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers

Walter C. Peterson
City Clerk, City of Los Angeles

Norris Poulson
Mayor, City of Los Angeles

Capt. Emil Praeger
Engineer who designed proposed new ballparks in Brooklyn; designed Holman Stadium in Vero Beach, FL. and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with his firm, Praeger-Kavanagh Engineers, New York City

Charles Rickerson
Brooklyn businessman (real estate and insurance) who wrote letter on 1/4/57 to Borough President John Cashmore regarding the land in Ft. Greene Park

Clifford Rishell
Mayor, City of Oakland

Nelson Rockefeller
New York businessman, later became Governor of New York

Eero Saarinen
Led architectural study for auditorium at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; designed Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Frank Schroth
Publisher, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle; Editor, The New York News

Joseph Sharkey
Member, New York City Council

George Spargo
Assistant to the Chairman, City of New York, Office of Committee on Slum Clearance; Member, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority

Abe Stark
President, Brooklyn City Council

Horace Stoneham
Owner, New York/San Francisco Giants (1936-76)

James Thomson
Allied Maintenance Co.; in charge of maintenance at Ebbets Field

William Tracy
Vice Chairman, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority

Charles Vanacore
Real estate broker; called the Pennsylvania Avenue property to Walter O’Malley’s attention in January 1957

Tracy Voorhees
Brooklyn attorney; wrote 1956 letter to Brooklyn Borough President John Cashmore regarding the Albany Authority Bill

Robert Wagner
Mayor, City of New York

Dick Walsh
Dodger Secretary of Minor League Operations; later Dodger Vice President, Director of Stadium Operations

Rosalind Wyman
Member, Los Angeles City Council, Fifth District